Building a soundboard takes minutes - plus it's fun, secure and easy, you don't even need sounds (use Board Share). Here is how to build your very own board.

1. Login (or register, it's free) and click the Create New Soundboard button under My Account.

2. Follow the Soundboard Creation Wizard as it guides you, step-by-step, through customizing your board - remembering that you can edit your info at a later time.

3. Add clips, tracks, sounds.

How to add tracks

There are three (3) different ways to add sounds to your board.


Board Share
Board Share lets you browse our site, selecting and adding tracks as you go from any 'Public' soundboard. Login and look for the '+' Board Share box on 'Public' boards. Select desired track and add to board.


Single Track & Bulk Upload
Upload your own mp3 files, up to 125mb of storage space per account. Upload single tracks or bulk upload - up to 10 at a time.


Use the Phone App
Record and post directly to your board using your phone. App is free for all Members.
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Once you've added some sounds, your soundboard will become public and you are off and running!