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Sound effects and quotes from the mighty morphin' power rangers (MMPR) TV show.

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Use these for your next Powerpoint presentation to keep your audience's attention!

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Funny quotes by Jack Black, many from movies, some from appearances on Saturday Night Live. Some Mature language.

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This soundboard plays 18 different "Allahu Akbar" screams. This is not meant to offend anyone nor disrespect the muslim belief.

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OPTIMUS PRIME is is the fictional commander of the main protagonist group in the Transformers. He is the largest, strongest, and wisest of all Autobots. Check out his clips here Transformers fans!

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Audio clips and the most bone chilling scenes from horror movies and slasher films.

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Wizzy Radio Sound Board- Used on Broadcast

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Morgan Freeman's sobering narration had just the right amount of chesty resonance to put you into a deep sleep. No valium required.

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Sound clips of Pandas, the most distinctively marked of all bears. Their basic coloring is white and black. Pandas try to avoid each other and spend most of their time alone.

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Sounds to be used on Blowin Up Like You Thought We Would, a sports radio show on redhawkradio.com Thursdays at 2:10 PM. Hosted by Brian Rieckhoff and Taylor Yuan

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Clips from an instant classic starring Steve Carrell as the hapless virgin. Includes bites from Cal, Mooj and more.

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Cardinals are active songbirds and sing a variety of different melodies. Both sexes sing clear, slurred whistled phrases that can be composed of several phrase types which it combines into different songs.

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The Bald Eagle gained unofficial recognition as the American National bird in 1782 on the US seal. Fierce arguments by leading political leaders of the day almost made the Turkey the national bird.

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Random sounds and clips

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The man, the movie, the legend. Sound clips form the Borat movie film. Adult language, lewdness and many many unsavory acts against humanity.

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As his popularity waned in the music world, Michael remained in the public eye with stories about his Neverland Ranch and zoo, possible plastic surgery, toubled finances and accusations of criminal conduct with children. What do you think?

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The goat is a member of the Bovidae family and is closely related to the sheep. For thousands of years, goats have been used for their milk, meat, hair, and skins over much of the world. In the last century they have also gained popularity as pets.

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Deep/Tech House producer Frederick Alonso delivers quality samples for the undergound scene. You will find quality percussion, original sounds, synthloops and warm bass sounds in this package. It's a special collection that will make your tracks bigger. The complete collection is 90% analog made and recorded. A special selection from real an

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Nocturnal animals are more active at night than during the day. We hear unknown sounds and our imagination runs wild. Get familiar with these sound clips when you're out at night in nature.

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THIS IS SPARTA ! King Leonidas sound clips are here people. Short one liners fun to interject into common everyday conversation ;) Also a techno song spoof is thrown in at the end for laughs.

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Glen Quagmire is a character on the animated series, Family Guy. Notable for his prodigious libido, he is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Quagmire rocks, but he's freaky. Check out the famous clips of these nasty fellow... Giggity, giggity!

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No apes sounds here, various smaller Monkeys recorded in nature. A couple rungs back on Darwin's evolutionary ladder, still, some of the faces look like young humans and the behavior is similar. Give a listen.

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Soundbytes to use!

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Its not easy being a 911 operator becuase youre talking everyday to various type of people in sometimes bizzare and confusing situations. Some here were just fooling around and some were just being silly asking stupid questions.

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His story is infamous, his victims are numerous... He is Chucky of Child's Play movie. The notorious killer doll with the satanic smile and the demonic doll attempting to possess the soul of Andy Barclay. He always was rude and mean!!!

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Hear the scary voice of Emperor Palpatine, the evil guy in Star Wars and the supreme ruler of the most powerful tyrannical regime the galaxy had ever witnessed. It was his manipulative ability that propelled him to mastery of the galaxy.

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These are the ones I remember growing up to. They make me nostalgic for that time, hope you enjoy!

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Theme songs for these shows as they do now, ranged from ordinary to mediocre to those truly special few that hold strong in our memories. Jam with the 80s TV Theme Songs!

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Fred Norris Soundboard

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For some, bears represent a great wellspring of spiritual insight. For others it is a matter of respect and for other these sound clips may be just something scary :)

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Pac-Man (or Puck Man in Japan; was renamed in the U.S.A in order to prevent the "P" from being changed into an "F") was an arcade game developed by Namco distributed in the USA by Midway, first released in Japan in 1979.

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Now you have the cool smooth voice of Jack Nicholson to use as your own. Use it to Prank Your friends or family. High Quality Sounding board, Download any jack sound to make your own customized board suited for your prank call needs. injoy and Have Fun!!!

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The best and most complete Vine soundboard Listen to all your favorite vine sounds on demand! This Vine soundboard contains all the funny catch phrases from vine! Credits: 21 - Hype & Kyri, a potato flew around my room - pg bree, barely - Donna Goudeau, baby goat - Sarah Herrin, broom broom - Tish Simmonds, bruh - Popin I

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In Step Brothers, Will Ferrell plays Brennan Huff with stepbrother John C. Reilly as Dale Doback. Ferrell has stepped back to his Anchorman days and really delivers a powerfully funny performance. Here are some of memorable quotes, which kids/live-at-home adults can add to their arsenal of movie lines to spew. Adult Language