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Here are clips of arny, alot of which were missing from everyone elses.

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Here are some sounds of a computerized devices that give us an access to financial transactions, ATM or Automated Teller Machine and other cash machines.

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Christian Bale is an actor from the United Kingdom. He often dedicates himself deeply to his movie roles. Bale is the rarest of all creatures a former child-star with a flourishing adult career.

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Sounds to scare people on DayZ

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Incredibly funny harassment sounds to annoy people, Content taken out of movie's, Lot of cool one liners, and Memorable characters (Parental Advisory) containing offensive language High Quality Sounding Board

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Aye carumba! The Simpsons is America's longest-running sitcom ever. And with some of these most Marge-alicious ringtones this side of Springfield, they are more fun than a barrel of Krustys... go and get them!

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This series is about a talking horse and the architect who loved him. It was a syndicated series on January 5, 1961 until September 4, 1966. Mr. Ed only spoke to his owner Wilbur Post played by Alan Young, Wilbur had to keep the secret that Mr. Ed the horse could talk. GREAT show, suitable for children and adults alike.

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What would it sound like if you were in Jail? As of 2006 2.2 million people are behind bars in US prisons.

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A collection of some of the best bits taken from The Ticket's Drop Page and from emails from my dad. From Norm to Mike, Greggo to Barb Smith, Fake Jerry Jones and beyond...

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Audio clips from the the irreverant surgeon Hawkeye Benjamin Pierce. His witty remarks, humor and anti-war sentiment made him the main hero in the smash tv show MASH. Alan Alda played the role to a tee, his uncontrollable laughter gets me every time.

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Putz12 raging about Splatoon Created by 7TeamFortress7

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Judge Judy is no one's fool and is as articulate and intelligent a person as anyone could aspire to be----a real and true role model. She is the real deal!

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Karate is a martial art that features punching, kicking, and open handed techniques. It also strives to develop the inner qualities of a human being and the search of perfection of your character, through strenuous training. Hi-Ya!!!

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What's the best compliment you have ever given or received? Say these clips to someone who deserves it...

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The funnies of KCSC.

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Its just a joke

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He is the town drunk and Homer Simpson's best friend. His capacity for alcohol is a frequent butt of jokes on the show. Barney was inspired by the cartoon character Barney Rubble from the The Flintstones and by several barflies from other television programs. The character is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

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COD4 pwnage sayings

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Für jeden der auch gerne ein promovierter Naturwissenschaftler wäre ;)

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Who are we? Freaks is a guild made by friends for friends. We decided to build this guild after our former guild broke. We continue to enjoy ourselves doing endgame like we always have and hope to continue this tradition.

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Weeducated is an intelligent show about the use of Medical Marijuana, the history behind marijuana use that also uncovers the truth about marijuana myths.

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Josh Groban has the most expressive, crystal clear voice in popular music, and it is displayed to its most beautiful extent in this collection of Christmas songs. The songs are relaxing and sounding like the music they play in department stores. Christmas collection would defintely not be complete without this album.

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Barney Fife was the bumbling, lovable, deputy sheriff on the 1960s TV comedy The Andy Griffith Show. As played by Don Knotts, Fife was the overeager sidekick to sheriff Andy Taylor(Andy Griffith).

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Who wishes you a very Merry Christmas? Musicians, movie stars and celebrities do! Have a great holiday!

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т0пкек красиво

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MV quotes from the Spec Sheet and Radio Trainwreck

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Randy is a geologist, making his first appearance in the series while monitoring a seismometer in the episode "Volcano". Aside from briefly taking a job as an associate at a Wal-Mart-like discount store, he has been portrayed as having this profession for the entire duration of the series. He also serves on the city council, specializing in the tow

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A collection of audio from the Boers and Bernstein Show on 670 The Score. Selections include audio drops such as, "huh?",Team Lodge and other sounds heard daily on the show. All audio courtesy of WSCR 670 The Score, Jason Goff, and Matt Abatacola

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Soundboard from Alex Jones Phones vids

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Season five of South Park shifts into high gear with the notorious episodes. Check out the clips here! Adult Language.

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Thornton is an Academy winning screenwriter,actor,as well as occasional director,playwright &singer.His #1 hit movie was Sling Blade.Another Successful Film was 2003's Bad Santa.He was also married to Angelina Jolie!

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Frozen Lemonade and chocolate chip coookies! Audio clips of the actress playing an underage decoy here. One of the most debated aspects of the show: does the baiting and deceit constitute entrapment of men who otherwise would not have acted on it.

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Kip Dynamite is Napoleon's thirty-year-old, colossally impish brother, played by Aaron Ruell. Kip spends his day chatting online with babes. Check out his clips here!!!

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Got the material to carry on a conversation, but can you do it?