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Hear the voice of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, who was the mortal enemy of the Jedi, a master of the dark side of the Force, and one of the Emperor's most trusted servants in the Star Wars movies.

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Hank Hill, a relatively simple and straightforward propane salesman in the fictional town of Arlene, Texas is one of the characters in an animated television series King of the Hill. Short audio clips here perfect for calls.

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Herbert is an elderly pedophile who likes boys and lives on Spooner Street with his old crippled dog Jesse. He has a high-pitched soft voice and a slight lisp. He is often seen wearing a light blue robe and slippers and uses a walker to get around.

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Saw Soundboard

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He was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name...SCARFACE. Audio clips from the Movie Scarface starring Al Pacino, with some adult language.

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Phrases from the Dunk himself.

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Happy Halloween from Soundboard.com! Here you will find frightening sounds and scary screams.

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Fat Bastard is a character in the 2nd and 3rd films in the Austin Powers series. A obese professional gardener and henchman hailing from Scotland. Fat Bastard serves Dr. Evil in his quest to defeat Austin Powers. He is played by Mike Myers.

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The best collection of SCP sounds you can find

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Jeopardy Game Show is often billed as 'America's favorite TV quiz show.' TV contestants who are competing for lucrative cash prizes need to know a lot of information on history, geography, astronomy, and English grammar. Listen to this game show sounds and bloopers.

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Mortal Kombat is definitely one of the most violent games of the generation, and was very refreshing during a time when the web wasn't around to corrupt America's youth. Check this out MK Fans!!!

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From the tv series Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, listen to these bionic sounds. The original had slow motion and that cool bionic sound to really intensify the moment. It was quite charming and creative.

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Crickets are known for their chirp (which only male crickets can do; the male wings have ridges that act like an instrument). On a hot summer night the sound of crickets can serve as a reminder of the unseen natural world that surrounds us.

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Here are the Top 20 Funniest Words that are funny when used unexpectedly in an inappropriate situation. Or maybe some words are just inherently funny? Poppycock !

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The largest of the deer family, the moose is also reffered to as Elk in Asia and Europe and Wapiti to Native American Indians.

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Christopher Walken, almost everybody's favorite bad guy, has amassed a brilliant career - and this board serves as an audio retrospective to the actor we all love and the characters he so memorably embodied.

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For announcing baseball games.

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Ducks are basically found in both fresh and sea water like their relatives the swans and geese. Ducks are very significant because of their economic uses. Hear how the duck quacks.

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Always one for controversy and ridiculousness, Moss is an annoyance to some but vastly entertaining to others, such as myself, who know Moss is mocking the establishment. We miss u Freak! This just in the Superfreak is now back home in Minnesota with the vikings and Brett Favre to play catch with.

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Harold Egbert Camping (born July 19th, 1922) is the president and general manager of Family Stations, Inc.

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- To view many clips at the same time in a traditional board style format, click the icon to the right of the track progress bar. (http://imgur.com/MKbe4u1)

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These are not really things Stephen Hawking said, the clips in this soundboard are a funny parody of the science wizard who speaks through a robotic voice machine. Adult Language

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The most awesome, free, YTP Soundboard ever. If you have ever dreamed of making an awesome YTP or dub and need some fonny ass sound effects... COME NO FURTHER. This board was made by Zachary, and is updated frequently.

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Remember Mr. T, the big black guy in the 80's known for his distinctive hairstyle and for wearing an excessive amount of gold jewelry. Well he was in the A-Team, Rocky 3 and along the way gave us some great audio qoutes!

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Squirrels are terrific climbers, they come to the ground in search of fare such as nuts, acorns, berries, and flowers. They work together to warn each other of approaching danger with their vocalizations.

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Kittens are one of the most beloved animals. Kittens are playful and often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. Listen to the sounds of these cute kittens.

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--Unrestricted-- Free Downloads! -NEW- CoD BLOPS SPETSNAZ Sounds look on last page!! Soundboard by Ben Lovell (SPETSNAZ CATS) Xbox 360 GT! The ultimate Call of Duty sound board, from CoD 4 to CoD MW2 (Includes WaW).

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Listen to the sounds of one of the most disgusting and cranky creature on earth Mouse and Rats. They are harmful pest that damage and eat crops and also bring diseases through their parasites and feces Yuck! I really hate them!

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Stewie is the youngest child yet he speaks with an affected English accent and is extremely intelligent. His Machiavellian worldview includes ambitions of world domination and Matricide.

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Random Phrases from Hat Films. Soundboard made by SilveraMoon

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A collection of lightsaber sounds taken from theforce.net

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It's a YTP Soundboard, duh! I'm aiming for the best YTP to date. Please be patient with me and I'll try and make that happen. This soundboard not only just uses the source material, but also sounds from YouTube Poops made! These are marked with (YTP). I take no credit for making those of coerce.

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Jigsaw is a mysterious character played by Tobin Bell in the Saw film series. He locks a few unlucky people in a booby trapped shelter and they must find a way out. But they must watch out for the traps Jigsaw has set that lead to death.

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Sound clips from Movies, TV, Opie and Anthony