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Fart fun everyone. Fart tunes and fart sounds that are truly a gas!

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Who wishes you a very Merry Christmas? Musicians, movie stars and celebrities do! Have a great holiday!

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A Soundboard of quotes from Grandma's Boy.(Contains Language)

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Believe me, your jokes will go off much better if you have some laughs to finish the punchline. We've included a drumroll and some applause for your joking convenience as well as some famous laughs and some kids laughs for clowns and stand up comics everywhere!

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My love of movies started not with Star Wars, but with Raiders of the Lost Ark. This board is an homage to one of the all-time great characters. Temple of Doom excluded, for now.

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My Week 5 record: 9-5 pickem, 7-7 against the spread. 2007 results: Pickem = 71-41, Spread = 65-47. Your football picks for week 6 of the 2008 NFL season are now online. Come back every week!

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Kevin Garnett, KG, The Big Ticket, Da Kid, Superman... theres no one else in the NBA like him. He's a real player and has the heart of a champion. Will he remain with the Minnesota Timberwolves?

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Richard M. Nixon was the 37th President of the United States: 1969-1974. Watergate was indeed the scandal that finally destroyed him but public unrest with the war in Vietnam as well as other abuses of power contributed to the end of "Tricky Dick."

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The many sounds of Mr. Ed's world

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The Atherton Tablelands of northeastern Queensland Australia are home to hundreds of rare bird species, some found nowhere else in the world.

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Classic commercial slogans get in your head like "Don't Sqeeze the Charmin" and "Help I've Fallen and I can't get up!" Enjoy these spicy meatballs.

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Light a fire, pour some egg nog, add a little booze, sit back and listen to some stylized holiday classics.

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Shaquille O' Neal also known as Shaq, has been dominating pro basketball since the day he set his big ole' foot down in the NBA. With the Magic, Lakers and the Heat he's brought the big Humor and the Big Dunks.

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Most of this stuff is used for my performances as a Female Impersonator.

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Sounds of Baseball featuring classic Hary Caray calls and the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Play Ball!

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The best players hate to loose. Some blow up, some have a huge meltdown. Some have overslept and some get drunk and hit on the reporter!

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Wizzy Radio Sound Board- Used on Broadcast

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Funny and cool soundboard!

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Jim Carrey Fast facts: Canadian, death metal fan, loves Radiohead, terrific sculptor, The highest paid comedy movie actor, has a chip in his front tooth, loves pro wrestling, his face is very stretchy.

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Not only is Mexico a great vacation, but home to a diversity of wildlife. Enjoy as the Mayans have for centuries, these tropical Bird Songs of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Chris Farley tore down the house everytime he played the Motivational Speaker on SNL. He's just trying to help, so here's some great audio clips from the man who lives in a van down by the river!

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A Christmas Story is a tradition in my family - a must-see annual classic written by Jean Sheperd. For that reason, I've put together what I consider to be the best sound clips. Happy Holidays

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I travelled to Costa Rica and went camping and will never forget the strange almost unearthly wild life. It's forest is the most densely populated place on earth for different animal species, a treasure trove for animal and nature lovers!

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Spend the holidays with the Griswolds! Listen to Clark, Eddie and the gang as they put together a X-mas classic. Save the neck!

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Some songs from the band, Yard Sale.

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Some people like the Geico Gecko, I love the yuppy caveman. Some funny commercial ad spots no doubt !

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Some war and weapon-related audio samples

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Theres just so much for coaches to be pissed off about, the media, the players, and above all, losing. Mature Language.